Working in byte-sized chunks

Working in byte-sized chunks

Bringing agile development to blog writing

Probably the single best improvement to my website work in the last few years has been my move to a more agile style continuous-delivery process.

Spending time upfront to ensure an easy and hassle-free deployment pays off very fast in time saved when deploying. You don't want to do a two-minute fix when you know the update process will add at least 30 minutes to that. You bundle fixes, which means more errors which means more complicated deployments, and basically, things start to languish.

Working in smaller chunks however has been revolutionary. If something takes just two minutes, it'll take two minutes. If I have a whole project that'll take weeks I break it down into smaller separate chunks.

For personal sites, I'll build an artisan command over a fully finished GUI. At least I get the functionality of the command; I'll build a page for it when I get annoyed by having to use the command all the time!

Writing Byte Size

Reviewing this blog I realise I have the same problem here. I have dozens of draft posts waiting to be published, but they need simpler code examples, better analogies, and more clarity or structure.

Every post feels like a project, less like a short task and so they get pushed back until they're complete which I never quite find the time for.

So my new plan is byte-sized posts. Shorter less polished posts, but published ones.